CSD & Associates, Inc.

Est 1989

CSD & Associates, Inc. (CSD&A) is a financial consulting firm established in 1989 to assist companies with business plan development, quantitative analysis, financial modeling, enterprise valuation, mergers & acquisitions and debt and equity capital procurement. Also, through its partnership agreements, CSD&A provides sophisticated quantitative tools (VBA/Excel) in order to assist companies with portofolio management and market analysis.

  • - Business Plans
  • - Budget Analysis
  • - Equity & Debt Analysis
  • - Corporate Valuations
  • - Business Start-ups
  • - Quantitative Analysis (VBA/Excel)
  • - Financial Modeling
  • - Investment Analysis
  • - Market Analysis
  • - Risk Analysis
  • - Portfolio Management Systems

"When you set sail for Ithaca, wish for the road to be long, full of adventures, full of knowledge. The Lestrygonians and the Cyclopes, an angry Poseidon — do not fear.
You will never find such on your path, if your thoughts remain lofty, and your spirit and body are touched by a fine emotion.……” From Ithaca poem, Constantine Kavafis.

Current Pending Transactions:

A large alternative investment management company signed up CSD & Associates to build a complex portfolio model that analyzes the firm’s equity returns for their real estate investments in the student housing sector. The model includes multiple alternative transactions including waterfall distributions and return levels (sagainvestments.com).

CSD & Associates it’s currently working on various opportunities in the financial institutional segment – assisting individual entrepreneurs with financial and valuation analysis. Projects include the creation of portfolio management solutions for a Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO) special vehicle fund managed by a reputable financial institution.

Completed Projects

Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber

The city of Youngstown, Ohio hired CSD&A to provide a financial model for city development purposes. This financial model was used as part of a business plan that was presented to entice investors to invest in the development of Youngstown, Ohio.

Auclair Int'l MC Partners

Auclair International Managed Care Partners Ltd. (“AIM”) hired CSD&A to provide a Business Plan that was used to entice investors in a newly formed company with the purpose of buying private managed care (“Prepagas”) businesses in South America, particularly in Argentina. CSD&A also introduced AIM to several investors, primarily LBO funds that invest in South America, as well as banks that lend in this area.

Global Interactive, Ltd.

Global Interactive, Ltd. (“GI”) worked with West Publishing Corporation and three of the top 200 law firms to successfully develop and launch a revolutionary new Internet Web hosting product FirmSite™. FirmSite ™ enables law firms, for the first time, to distribute marketing information about their firms to a global audience inexpensively, efficiently and effectively through the Internet. CSD&A and its sister company P&P successfully developed the Business and Marketing Plan for GI. This plan was used to entice investors to invest in the growth of GI. Today, GI is building and maintaining 50 law firm web sites, and the list of clients continues to grow (each week).

Paul Capital Partners, CA

CSD&A worked exclusively with Paul Capital Partners, a fund of Leveraged Buyout Funds, to identify, analyze and recommend investment opportunities in the Equity Fund Market. CSD&A conducted Equity Return Analysis of more than a dozen investment opportunities.

Photomarket, Inc.

Photomarket, Inc., a newly formed company, invented a photo-imaging device in 1992, called PhotoCorder. After successfully obtaining the patent in 1993, Photomarket, Inc. asked both CSD&A and P&P to build a Business and Marketing Plan, which was used to fund the development of the new product. The Business Plan included financial analysis that calculated equity returns for potential investors, as well as ownership structure of the start-up company.

SDS Technical Services, NJ

A new venture, SDS Technical Services, Inc. (“SDST”) is a consulting firm in the engineering field; SDST consults companies such as Lucent Technologies in the development of new products. SDS, a new entity, formed by Mr. Bernard Parisi, a former engineer for AT&T, hired CSD&A to assist with the creation of a business plan which was used to raise capital for his start-up company. Mr. Parisi successfully raised the necessary capital to start its business. Today, SDST is one of the most successful independent consulting firms for engineering product design in the telecommunications industry.

Vivechrom Sai, Greece

Vivechrom is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential paint in Greece. The Company had sales in 1989 of 3.4 billion Drachmas ($17 million). Delphi Capital Corporation (“Delphi”), a U.S. investment firm, retained CSD&A to analyze the potential acquisition of Vivechrom. The analysis included Equity Returns for Delphi through a series of purchase price assumptions and potential costs efficiencies and revenue enhancement mechanisms.


ALPHA SAI (“Alpha”), is a developer of electronic equipment, such as fuses, wire and cable, transistor parts, as well as computer software and Management Information Systems (MIS) for the Greek Armed Forces. ALPHA SAI had sales of 891 million Drachmas ($4.4 million) in 1991. CSD&A was hired to act on behalf of Securities Dealing Systems, Inc. (“SDS”) a US company, to analyze the potential purchase price of Alpha, for the purpose of 100% buyout of the company. The Transaction closed in August of 1991.

Reliable Water Company

The Reliable Water Company (“RWC”) is a supplier of desalinated water through manufacturing of desalination plants. RWC succeeded in designing, marketing, installing and operating five plants in the Caribbean ranging from 60,000 gallons per day to 700,000. CSD&A was hired to assist RWC with a business plan, which was used to bid on project contracts

Senior Frogs Restaurant, NY

Senior Frogs is a Mexican restaurant chain that entered the U.S. in 1990, primarily in the South. CSD&A assisted two partners with a business plan to open a restaurant at South Street Seaport, NYC. The business plan included start-up cost projected analysis, as well as on going cash flow analysis. CSD&A also had a major role in negotiating a lease agreement with the Lessor on behalf of the partners.

Gigi Tratoria - Reinbeck, NY

CSD&A entered in an agreement with the owners of Gigi Tratoria, Gigi Market and Gigi Catering to perform a valuation analysis of the respective business segments, as well as create a business plan including budgeting and equity analysis.


CSD&A assisted Active Radio Inc. (“the Company”) to raise $3 million of equity capital to fund the Company's initiative (“Project Active Radio”). Project Active Radio was to produce original radio programming and utilize a proprietary software system to distribute the programming as a product purchased by small and medium-market radio broadcasters seeking to “outsource” all or a portion of their daily programming needs at a cost substantially below the broadcaster’s existing run rate expense level.
CSD&A provided a comprehensive Business Plan, Equity Return Analysis and prepared presentation material for the principals in order to raise the financing.

Santorini Hotel Property

CSD & Associates (CSD&A) and the New York City Consulting Group (“NYCCG”) has signed a definitive agreement to purchase three hotel properties on Long Island. These properties were located on the North Fork and East Hampton, New York. CSD&A provided a Business Plan, complex Financial Model, prepared presentation material for new prospects, as well as a marketing plan that included market analysis of the region and feasibility analysis.

Project 1907

CSD & Associates (CSD&A) was asked to prepare a business plan that included a detailed financial analysis of the Plaza’s Hotel’s retail space offering to potential investors. The financial model included a detailed breakdown of the portfolio of each leasehold that translated to a full equity return analysis for the investors.

CLO Portfolio

CSD&A worked with a leading European alternative investment firm to build a multi –investment portfolio analysis model for their Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO) business. The model was used for raising equity investments, as well as obtain and debt financing. The complexity of the model included a multiple “waterfall” cash flow and return approach for each investor level

Furnishing samples of business plans and financial models.


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